Poems by R. W. Thompson

My Silver Lining

September 15, 2020

In the dark clouds of a dreaded surgery I find,
I am by myself, seeking tranquility for my mind.
They have made her leave, taking my hope.
Dealing with the inner fear I try to cope.

As I head down the hall to the surgical room,
the clouds in my mind are dark as gloom.
In faith I look beyond my fretting and pain.
I think of the silver lining God gave and I did attain.

The sweet satisfying serenity of her face comes to my soul.
Through the darkest clouds, this face appears, and I am made whole.
Through a touch of her hand, a silver lining runs where my mind dwells
Bringing serene peace to my soul, and I know that all is truly well.

When dawn breaks, and tempests and dark clouds divide,
I wake to find her here, serenely sitting by my side.
I will remain forever here, waiting, knowing what He did provide,
she is an elusive silver lining that dark clouds could never hide.



The Silver In Her Hair

Thanksgiving 2020


My love's hair has turned to silver
The Moon’s glow matching her hair streams through the night.
It is past nine o’clock. She must have gone to bed.
But I'd never trade her for all the wealth that might be had.

Yes, her hair is turning silver, her face shows a few lines
But there'll never be another like this silver-haired lady of mine.
I think of all the difficult times I have made her bear.
That alone might be the reason for the silver in her hair.

My lady’s hair has turned to silver
And her hard working days are done
But there's still a smile upon her face
And a love for everyone.

Through autumn days I felt the leaves
falling in the corners of my mind.
My lady, though I was younger by a year,
It was always she, who looked more young and fair.

When her gown from her shoulders did fall,
And she caught me in her arms so long;
There did I kiss, and say, my darling we are not done?”
I kissed your mouth and pledged myself forever there.
As we enter winter, and the silver is in your hair!





My Silver Lining II

Dec. 2020

I remember walking the beach with storm clouds overhead.
The clouds did darken, rain started, and we saw lightning strike the land.
I held the hand of the girl to whom my heart belongs as we raced across the sand.
Then, as the storm spun across the ocean I knew, I held a silver lining in my hand!

The horizon was dark as the clouds moved in, still I had a chance to see,
The girl who brought a silver lining when she chose to marry me,
I had a chance to see her beautiful face,
To be within range of her beauty, kindness, and grace!

The horizon showed a streak of light in the dark to me, your dark hair shining.
You’ve taught me that sometimes you have to stop worrying and whining.
Have faith that things will always work out, even if the stars are not aligning.
You are in truth, and always will be, my silver lining!

Now in your hand, you hold the last of three,
when you wear them all together,
remember this silver lining will always stand for,
You, and Me, make We!


Thank You Lou

February 14, 2017

It has been over fifty years since the day we met,
Come what may, you still love me yet.
The day I fell in love with you, my heart was on fire,
to be with you always was my greatest desire.

With all of the flaws that I possess.
And, there are many I must confess.
Sometime I cannot begin to understand,
why you stay and continue to call me your man?

You are my roof and the rock for my foundation too,
I could not help, but to continue to be madly in love with you!
You are a lifetime of promises and a world full of dreams,
and only my heart knows what you mean to me.

To place a kiss on your sweet lips, so delicate each time.
As we lay side by side while our youth slips away,
Is like picking drops of dew from a rose, at the beginning of the day.
You live forever as that girl in the recesses of my mind!

You make my heart race and bring light to my clouds.
I hope I can show you when you look at me and see.
That you are an incredible and amazing woman to me.
All I can say is thank you, thank you for staying over time,
Thank you for loving me and thank you for becoming mine!


Thankful For You

Often I tell you how deep is my love for you,
But I don’t say enough how thankful I am too.
So on this day I’ll try to be honest for a minute or two.
To share something special only for you.

I thank you for your love, your friendship, your smile!
I thank you for your support, the strength you give all the while.
Every time I am down, you go that extra mile.
I sometimes am overwhelmed at how you beguile!

I thank you for your kindness, for being there when I need you.
For making each day special with caring that’s true.
I thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow for all that you do!
I thank you for all you’ve done, that helps get me through.

If tomorrow it should come to pass, that I have no more days to spend.
I want you to know my thanks, that I love you without end.
You’ve been the love of my life and a most special friend!
I pray that God always has you in his sight.
Guiding and watching over you from morning through night.


   Eagle Bay


R. W. Thompson

   April, 2015

I sat in my kayak on Eagle Bay and

Took in the sights of a beautiful day.

The eagles flew in groups all around,

They soared and dove from the sky to the sound.


They flew in majestic pairs, mated for life,

Gliding on the currents without any strife.

Flying out of the blue, diving into the sea,

They were looking for dinner, much like you and me.


While my wife took pictures, I sat and watched.

These were magnificent birds flying ever so high.

What it would be like if just for a day, I could take to the sky.

Sail on the currents ever so high and dive out of the sun,

Into the bay for a fish would be marvelous fun!


Then from out of the sky came a lone bird,

Straight out of the sun, he was scarcely heard.

He flew end to end, straight over our craft,

Gliding on currents, riding a draft!


Then, in a heartbeat he dove into the sea,

And came up with a fish big enough for you and me.

In a moment he snapped his wings and was gone,

Flying back to his mate and his home.


I watched as he rode the currents away

And then I felt what he must feel each day.

All he wanted was to be free in his life,

Just like us each day, to lay down peaceful at night.


I thought we are much like the eagles at Eagle Bay.

We are caught up in our lives, the happenings each day,

There is so much we take for granted in so many ways.

Not thinking of tomorrow, just get through the now,

We’ll deal with it then, we’re just not sure how.

If you have to choose one thing, to do on one day,

Go get a kayak, and watch the eagles fly over Eagle Bay 


When the country began and needed us, we came.
When there was conflict within, we came again.
Every time the nation was in peril, and called us, we came!
When tyrants and others who would destroy us attacked, we came.
We were not concerned with politics or fame.
It did not matter that no one knew our name.
When our country needed us......We came!






R. W. Thompson


The emerald glows the deepest green,

The sapphire brightest blue,

The ruby’s color is deep as blood,

A flint simply lies in the mud.

Opals gleam at night,

Diamonds will shine bright as stars,

All these stones have beauty bright,

but the common flint holds fire.

Your love strikes a fire in me

that to which, no stone can compare

when I hold your body close to mine,

and our breathing becomes as one,

I feel our spirits blend and the whole world shines.



The Irish in Her
R. W. Thompson

Her hair is auburn, beautiful to behold.
Her eyes sparkle and twinkle like gold.
Her cheeks crimson and like silk to the touch.
But, my love says she’s not Irish, no, not much.

Her wit is sharp, her spirit, warm as a southern breeze.
She moves through the world with gracious ease.
She is as graceful as a beautiful swan, and,
In most situations always remains calm.

She is tall, and carries herself well,
And if you make her mad, her temper is like h…!
There will be fire in her eye and flame in her face,
And you will find no softness in her stroke,
But my love is not Irish, no, not a lot.

But if you treat her fairly, there is love in this girl,
And she will give all to you, yes, even the world.
She will raise your children, keep your house and such,
But, my love says she’s not Irish, oh no, not much!


Thoughts on an Older Woman
R. W. Thompson

Age is just a number that means nothing to some
It comes with experiences grounded in love
Those experiences, be they good or bad,
Make you who you are, they put you above.

Maturity doesn't necessarily come with age,
But with it comes a wisdom as sage,
An older woman uses that which shows her grace.
A mature heart with a lifetime of heartache,
An older woman feels the good in all of life’s breaks.

She can feel the peak of an everlasting love so strong,
She is willing to forgive, no matter the wrong.
She will allow a deeper love to take over her heart,
and permeate it more profoundly right from the start.
She allows that deeper love to seep in, and,
If you are the lucky one, make you feel like a man!



R. W. Thompson
Nov. 5, 1987

I sat beneath a tree on a warm summer evening,
an old friend appeared, and we talked of many things.
Of friends both here and gone, people we had loved,
adventures we had known.
We talked about Vietnam, the friends left on that wild range,
as we talked the wind whispered, "It's time for change."
As we talked I looked at him and he changed before my eyes,
Was it really true, or just a dream, in Vietnam he had died.
We talked about the world, the need for peace upon these plains,
and as we talked the wind whispered, "It's time for change."
We talked it seemed for hours, on into the night,
and then my friend slowly faded from my sight.
After he had left, as dreams sometimes do,
was that the wind that whispered...?
The change is up to you.


R. W. Thompson
Feb. 9, 1989

Our souls came as travelers across the mists of time.....
and stood alone on a crowded shore.

Each not knowing of the other in this life.....
but sensing that presence that had helped and reassured
in times of strife.

Each looking for someone to share the day...the night.....
but never finding the one to make it right.

Years are spent searching but not finding, longing yet unfulfilled.....
and then one day a stranger met, now there is no need to wait.

Having never met before, you find you understand.....
the other's looks, the other's hands.

Could it be that from some other time.....
we traveled across the mists to find...
each other here and now.

To show the way, just once more.....
on a crowded, lonely shore.


R. W. Thompson
Feb, 1991

Dancers flowing through time and space.....
none together, all in the race.

What they are searching for no one can find.....
seekers of knowledge, wanderers through time.

They pass each other, seeking to find.....
that one perfect partner, a love so kind.

One who will help them to understand what love is about....
who will always be there and never have doubts.

They do not understand their impossible task.....
no one is perfect, we all must take risks...
if we are to find...that soul so sublime.

As we dance through space.....
across the mists of time.


The Perfect Wake Up

The perfect wake up every morning
The best there could ever be
Is when I watch you for a while
Then I kiss you very lightly,
Watch your lips turn to a smile.

I watch you lying on your pillow
Then, I whisper in your ear
the time of morning doesn’t matter
because you're lying warm and near.

Your smile grows slightly wider
then you turn your face away
Hide your head under your pillow
until the blush goes away.

Your hair falls soft around your face
covering your ears and neck
But soon they are bare before me
then they feel the pressure of my lips.

Then I touch you very softly
Run my fingers down your back
And your body gently starts to wake
It turns till eyes gaze into mine.

And in that very moment
I know the perfect wake up will always be,
when I wake up every morning,
and you are next to me.


R. W. Thompson
Feb. 23, 1996

It crosses your breast, so soft and white.....
a screaming red laser beam through the night.
You hate it and wish that.....
it would fade from your sight.

It reminds you of something... a terrible fright.....
Makes you feel less of a woman, and long for the night.
You fear that I will think less... no longer love you,
nothing could be further from the truth.

I see it as a badge of courage, something you faced….
A medal given, instead of taking you from this place.
As my fingers trace its outline across your skin….
I find it beautiful, like you, to be savored again and again.

I will always be glad that you have this scar….
It kept you here with me instead of going afar.


I Saw a Hawk Today
R. W. Thompson

Today I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk soar above the haze.
There is nothing that disturbs the focus of its gaze.
Where did he come from, to where will he go?
What is it he seeks, only the Red-Tail knows?

In the deep blue sky he glides without effort.
His wings stretched to embrace the earth
and all that exist upon it.
What a stimulating sight it is to see him,
soaring high in the sky, so still it seems.

It leads me to think of "spirits" soaring,
and what they seek in the far distant sky.
For a few moments, in my mind’s eye
I can see what he has seen in his search for prey.
I watch as he returns from the blue and gold
and feel his spirit bathe my soul!

I wish for just one day I could be you.
And soar, like you, into the blue.
To feel your power implanted in my heart!
To have your vision imparted so I might see.
To better understand the world and me!


The Tiger
R. W. Thompson
March, 2015

Witness the tiger's face up close,
Carefully observe the proud father’s nose
With lines etched deeply cross his face
He leads his family through the snow with easy grace.

Observe the tiger's ears erect,
he is aware of all that breathes,
any movement, the slightest sigh
He will hear it, then see it with his eyes.
Witness his deep, dark eyes that stare,
As if he see right through your soul,

The mother follows her mate close behind,
While their cubs frolic at their side.
Her head held high, cupped, her ear,
Her senses alert to any danger near.
The family moves with regal grace,
Despite the dangers from the human race.

The hunter poised with gun held up,
it is a memorable event, the tiger hunt.
You hunt us for our bones and skin,
to decorate your homes, you see no sin.

I was the mightiest of all,
a representation of mighty power!
I was sacred, legendary and godlike,
then you took me for nothing but my hide.

Look at the misery, deep within my fiery eyes.
An unexplained powerlessness...
My family flees, they’ll hear no more
My voice calling, my mighty roar
Tis left for you to explain my plight,
and why you chose to take my life this night!