Anam Cara is an Irish phrase meaning soul friend. It describes one who is so entwined with you that their soul has combined with yours. It is believed that this relationship existed before time and begins when kindred spirits find each other.











My Silver Lining

September 15, 2020

In the dark clouds of a dreaded surgery I find,
I am by myself, seeking tranquility for my mind.
They have made Her leave, taking my hope.
Dealing with the inner fear I try to cope.

As I head down the hall to the surgical room,
the clouds in my mind are dark as gloom.
In faith I look beyond my fretting and pain.
I think of the Silver Lining God gave and I did attain.

The sweet satisfying serenity of Her face comes to my soul.
Through the darkest clouds, this face appears, and I am made whole.
Through a touch of Her hand, a silver lining runs where my mind dwells
Bringing serene peace to my soul, and I know that all is truly well.

When dawn breaks, and tempests and dark clouds divide,
I wake to find Her here, serenely sitting by my side.
I will remain forever here, waiting, knowing what He did provide,
She is an elusive silver lining those dark clouds could never hide.


White Stones on the Beach 

May 9, 2019


We walked the beach that spring day filled with dreams.

For an afternoon we were in another world it seemed.

As the ocean rose and ebbed its tide.

We were all alone, no need to hide.

Like stones on the beach, our dreams stretched forever my love.

With the water, sand and sun, everything was perfect my love.

Your body, full, soft, and beautiful on that sandy shore.

With tremulous cadence slow, you were the perfect paramour.

Where the sea meets land, we stood on this dream filled beach.

We listened as the ocean flung pebbles at us, and the sun warmed our thighs.

In those moments when the sun and sky closed their eyes,

Our hearts and bodies were as one, filled with loving sighs. 

I want to return with you to that beach of dreams.

Where we can spend that time, the two of us alone!

There were thousands of white stones on the sand it seems.

I gathered them, and brought them home.

Until that time should come my sweet,

Remember it each time you look upon these stones!



Anam Cara V

October, 2016

It was no accident or slip of fate the day we met.

It had nothing to do with family or friends.

It came from the past, was ordained in the stars,

It may have been Aries, it sure wasn’t Mars!

There was a keeper working on it, he knew it for sure.

He had seen us so many times, he knew it was pure.

He knew our souls permeated each other’s heart.

He knew this love would last, right from the start.

Called by many names, don’t know which is right.

We’ll call him Keeper of the Stars, Love and the Night.

He took two old souls, how old, no one knows.

He knew they had been there before, he had to go slow.

This time it had to be right, he had to create a glow!

He spent a few years getting me to this place.

He made us wait just one more to produce leather and lace.

He made sure these souls were blended one night. 

The Irish call it Anam Cara, he called it Just Right.

And so, my Anam Cara, here we are at last.

Two very old souls who have been together so much in the past.

My soul is yours, yours is so much a part of mine.

They finally came together to last, across the sands of time!


If Tomorrow Never Comes


Sitting in my study wondering some,
What would I do if tomorrow never comes!
Will you ever understand how much you mattered?
How you kept my life from becoming tattered!

Will you understand completely my need for you?
Will you feel the loss of my love, as keenly as I do?
If tomorrow never comes, will you understand,
how I felt God blessed me when I won your hand!

If tomorrow never comes, and I do not awake,
How your love stirred emotions in me that were never faked!
Your love perhaps stirred memories of another time,
And we had another chance to walk together side by side.

If tomorrow never comes, how can I make you see?
That I will love you forever, you will always be the only one for me!
If I never got to touch you one more time, or feel your silky skin on mine,
How could I make you understand how you made my life shine!

If tomorrow never comes, I finally decided that the only way,
Was to let you know how much I love you each and every day!
I love you more than words could ever show,
More than all the lovely lines that poets ever wrote!
More than all the letters of lovers and their tender notes.

Lou, if tomorrow never comes, and I can say this no more,
I’ll love you until the end of time and we meet upon that shore.
I hope I’ve shown you every way, how much you mean to me each day,
And, we’ll get the chance to start again, two young lovers, hand in hand.
Again, we’ll grow our love, as a woman and a man!



                       Anam Cara IV


I have been with you always, during highs and lows,
for I am the stars at night, the sun’s glint on the winter's snow.
I am the soft spring rain you hear late at night,
I am the swift uplifting rush when the Red-Tailed Hawk takes flight.
When the hour is late, and you alone,
Do not think of me as gone, I will be with you at each new dawn.
So fly my darling, and when you are aloft and soaring free,
Look softly at the earth below, bow your head, and think of me.



R. W. Thompson
Feb. 4, 1989

Kindred spirits walk the land, passing so close.....
They could reach and take the other's hand.

They do not know the other that is there.....
They never get the chance to share what we have here.

They never feel the warmth, the closeness of another time.....
When they may have stood on a windy shore, side by side.

Then one day as if by chance, on each other they cast a glance.....
And each begins to recognize, that kindred spirit,
that in other times...they let pass by.



Anam Cara II

7/22, 2010

When I am with you on a silent night,

Reach for you and take you in my arms

As I look into your eyes

And see the smile on your face

My heart is filled with happiness

As we kiss and embrace

I know our souls are forever joined as one

A fire envelopes as intimacy reigns

And I know my love for you will never cease

Because deep in my soul I know

You already occupy a sacred place


Anam Cara III

Some people come into our lives and quickly go
You came into mine so long ago
Your arrival moved our souls to meet by chance
And awakened us with just one glance
A passing whisper gave me the wisdom to ask for a dance

You made the sky more beautiful to gaze upon
And like two hawks we sped, ever upward, toward the sun
You stayed in my life, left a print on my soul
Our hearts became as one and will remain no matter how old

My Anam Cara, my life’s soul friend
You blended deep into my heart, my soul
And knew just what was needed to mend
Your soul blended with mine and our lives entwined
No matter where we go from here, no matter what fate has in store
There could never be another to match my soul, or one that I love more


Feb. 14, 2002

Like cascading waters we flow together, pure and free,
tumbling through the light,
falling into pools of sheer delight.

Like two hawks we ride the currents in a slow dance across the skies,
We plummet to the earth, our wings entwined,
and at the last moment of caress…..
Bend, yield, and race our love back to the heavens.

Fly my darling and when you are in the sky, soaring free,
Sail the world and dream with me.


A Perfect Night


R. W. Thompson



I stood at the edge of Shaughnessy Swamp in the dark on St. Patrick’s night.

As the blue black night began to close, from the north came a pale green light.

Transfixed was I, inspired by the beauty that had been foretold,

At first I failed to raise my lens, something did not seem right.


In the presence of such splendor how could I, a mortal, be so bold? 

I stood and watched as the stars one by one began to light.

Then in that northern sky, the green grew bolder,

And I thought, oh God, you’ve provided such a night.

Even the constellations were so bright, I did not feel it growing colder.

I raised my camera slowly, then prayed, please let me get this right.


I gazed through the lens at the shadows of the trees and hills.

And marveled at the grandeur being cast there, with everything so right!

The greens grew deeper, as if St. Patrick was there to exercise his will,

And was painting such a stunning gift, there between the hills.

He guided my eye and hand, and gave me such a picture, of His perfect night!

To see the print (taken by my friend, Dorrie Holmes) that goes with this poem, check the Gallery of Prints.  It is a beautiful shot of the Aurora Borealis.